The History of Webbs Chapel Baptist Church

Webbs Chapel Baptist Church was established in 1915 at the “Old Mill Tail” in an ample building put together with wood, nails, hard work, and a lot of prayer.  Afternoon services only were held by different preachers.  Sunday School was taught by Mrs. E.B. Beasley, who also helped organize the WMU.

Even though Webbs Chapel gained 27 members between 1915 and 1946, there were still no regular services, only afternoon services held by Rev. Waterson, Hutchinson, Marsh & Evans.  However, in 1946 Rev. Woodson came and Sunday morning services began.

The McKneelys came on the scene in 1949 and served Pinetops Baptist Church jointly.  During Rev. T. W. McKeely’s pastorship, his family lived at the parsonage in Pinetops and began holding services at Webbs Chapel on the first and third Sunday mornings, and night services on the second and fourth Sundays.  McKneely baptized 43 converts in September, 1950, and the first training union was established that same year.  In 1951, new Sunday School rooms were built, new pews were purchased, and carpet was put down.  In addition to a new piano, the church also added a basement.

In 1953, a church choir was organized with just 10 young girls.  By 1954, membership had grown to 152 members.

Upon Rev. McKneely’s retirement in 1961, Rev. Neal Tolson was called as interim pastor.  Along with his pastorship came the first parsonage in 1962.

Rev. Jerry Holcomb was called to Webbs Chapel as pastor in 1963.  Plans for construction of a new church began, as the old one was now too small.  Holcomb stayed until 1968, and Rev. Robert Bailey served until 1971.

Rev. Cecil Baughman served as pastor of the church from 1971 to 1974.  During his time at Webbs Chapel, the new church building was completed and a dedication service was held in May, 1973.

1974 marked the beginning of Rev. George Burdette’s 18-year pastorship at Webbs Chapel.  The debt on the new church was paid in just four years, and the Baptist Men were meeting regularly now.  Groundbreaking on the new Family Life Center was held in August 1978, and a dedication service followed in April 1979.

Rev. David Adams was called to Webbs Chapel in 1992 and served as pastor until 1998.  Rev. E.T. Vinson was called as interim pastor in 1998 upon Adams’ departure, and served until 1999 when the church called Rev. Robert L. Boone as pastor.

In 2001, Webbs Chapel began making plans for the construction of a new parsonage.  The old parsonage was sold, and “Preacher Bob” and his family moved into the parsonage of the Christian Church in Macclesfield during construction of the new parsonage.  It wasn’t long before the new home was completed in 2002, and the note was paid in full!  Dedication Sunday was planned for the first Sunday in September.

After a few cosmetic additions to the yard at the parsonage in 2003, Webbs Chapel added a new sound system for the sanctuary.  The church also acquired a new sign, flag, and flagpole.

Glory, Hallelujah!!!...........In 2004, a long-awaited air conditioning unit was installed in the Family Life Center!  In the words of a phrase we would learn to be very fond of later, “God is good……all the time, and all the time, God is good”!  But God wasn’t done……2006 brought with it the purchase of a new organ and a new steeple.

In preparation for retirement, Preacher Bob gave his resignation in 2009, and Wayne Ellis was called as interim pastor.  By this time, new bathrooms and a new kitchen in the fellowship hall were on the horizon for Webbs Chapel, along with a new video/projector system and covered walkway leading from the main building to the Family Life Center.

Upon the resignation of Wayne Ellis, Webbs Chapel welcomed the coming of Billy Crabtree as interim pastor in late 2009.  Webbs Chapel thrived under his leadership as he readied the congregation for the arrival of the new pastor, Dr. Dennis Love, in October 2010.

The church continued to make improvements, including the installation of new carpet in the sanctuary and fellowship hall in 2012 and the construction of a new sound booth.

Dr. Dennis Love resigned as pastor in 2014, and with the help of Deacons James (Stump) Cale and Mark Harrell, Webbs Chapel survived being without a pastor until Rev. Billy Crabtree once again filled the shoes as interim pastor in 2015.

As you can see, Webbs Chapel has weathered stormy seas, yet still managed to bask in the light of God’s glory and blessings.  What a wonderful God we serve! Webbs Chapel still has regular services every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night.  We still hold revivals, VBS, and other various services that we invite you to be a part of.  Come and join us………you might just get to take a trip on the new church bus!

God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good!