Fall Fun Festival

What a wonderful time everyone had at the Halloween Fall Fun Festival sponsored by the Adult I Sunday School Class on Friday, October 30th. Looks like we had a full house again this year! We would like to thank everyone who had a hand in making this outreach possible. Whether you helped at a game, in the kitchen, decorated, or made a cake for the cake walk, or baked some sweet treats for everyone to enjoy….your help was greatly appreciated. We certainly can’t forget the ones who came to show their support for Eric Norville. Thanks to everyone’s efforts we were able to give over $1,000.00 to go towards his rehab fund. We were also able to pass out lots of magazines! Every month we have a few left over from our subscription, so we keep them to give away at outreaches. Please pray for the ones who received a magazine and that there are articles in them that will help the recipients with a current situation they may be involved in. Thanks to Jenny Morrison for being gracious enough to carry a bunch to the hospital to distribute to the patients.